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VA Employees Face Potential Disciplinary Action Over Delayed Claims

A regional office of the Department of Veterans Affairs may be facing disciplinary actions after recent accusations from the VA’s inspector general. It was discovered that the Philadelphia office had allowed staff members to alter claim information, neglected mail, and made major mistakes that led to a $2.2 million dollar loss due to duplicate benefit
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Increase your chances of winning your disability claim – read our top 3 tips!


Whether you are seeking Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veterans’ Disability Compensation, or long-term disability benefits, the process can be frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. Many people are denied and then denied again before they are approved for benefits. If your application for Social Security benefits has been denied, DON’T GIVE UP! LaVan &
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Gulf War illness: A federal report says, “it’s real.”


A federal report released and presented to the VA on November 17, 2008 confirms that a large percentage of Gulf War veterans are suffering from Gulf War illness – a condition that affects a person’s brain and nervous system. While the causes have yet to be confirmed, the illness is said to be the likely consequence of exposure to toxic
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A veteran’s account of what’s really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan…


“War changes people. You do not come out of a combat zone the same,” Iraq war veteran Chanan Suarez Diaz told the audience while moderating the veteran’s panel at the continuation of the “Winter Soldier” hearings in Portland, OR. “War is very numbing…it comes to a point that you see so much destruction you become
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Causes of Lung Cancer


If you suffer from lung cancer and are unable to work because of your illness or required treatment, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. While smoking accounts for roughly 90% of lung cancer cases, it is not the only cause of lung cancer. Other causes for lung cancer include: Secondhand smoking – Nonsmokers
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