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Disability Law Claims Blog

The staff at LaVan & Neidenberg® cares about the disabled and we are passionate about  the issues that affect those who are applying or waiting for Social Security Disability, Veterans' Disability Compensation, and/or Long-Term Disability Insurance benefits. We make it a point to blog about important topics such as advances in the various disability claims processes, advances in medicine, upgrades to the various disability benefits programs, and much more.

The personal injury division of our company often reports on the tri-county area's traffic accidents. The reporting of traffic accidents in no way means or implies that we represent any of the individuals involved. However, we do wish those involved a speedy recovery and we send our condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones in an automobile accident.

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Advocate for the Disabled
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What if one day you became disabled?

It's hard to image that you or a loved one can one day become permanently disabled and unable to work and sustain your family. Most times, your only option is to apply for federal disability benefits. Your eligibility however, is dependent upon the medical evidence you submit with your application for benefits.

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