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Arthritis: A prevalent and debilitating condition for a lot of veterans…

More and more U.S. veterans (approximately one-third according to a recent study) suffer from arthritis. While arthritis can develop a number a ways, for veterans, a common denominator exists – orthopedic injuries they sustained while in the military. For example, soldiers who fought in the Gulf War often wore Kevlar helmets and heavy battle gear […]

“War changes people. You do not come out of a combat zone the same,” Iraq war veteran Chanan Suarez Diaz told the audience while moderating the veteran’s panel at the continuation of the “Winter Soldier” hearings in Portland, OR. “War is very numbing…it comes to a point that you see so much destruction you become […]

A federal report released and presented to the VA on November 17, 2008 confirms that a large percentage of Gulf War veterans are suffering from Gulf War illness – a condition that affects a person’s brain and nervous system. While the causes have yet to be confirmed, the illness is said to be the likely consequence of exposure to toxic […]

Though our company has been helping our country’s veterans secure their disability benefits for years, we’re never short of being stunned by the malicious acts of some of the Department of Veterans Affairs employees. While conducting my weekly search for news that might help our disabled readers and clients, I came across this ghastly headline, […]

A report from Veterans Today reports that in their effort to help ensure that the needs of veterans are met across the U.S. the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced plans to open 13 new health care facilities in several states. With over six million veterans receiving health care in 2012, alone, these clinics […]