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How can I get my doctor(s) to help me with my disability claim?


A: Many times (to our detriment), our doctors are pretty busy. With back-to-back appointments and unexpected emergencies, doctors are often reluctant to take on additional responsibilities such as, writing letters or completing forms in support of your disability claim.

However, some doctors despite their busy schedules wilLaVan & Neidenberg®bsp;help their patients by providing them with the necessary medical evidence to prove their disability. If your doctor is willing to help you and is supportive of your disability claim, you should request a detailed written statement to this effect.

Ideally, a written statement from your doctor should address the questions found on the Residual Functional Capacity form the Social Security's physicians and examiners use to make decisions on cases. Most importantly, would the questions of your current diagnosis, your physical limitations (i.e., your level of inability to sit, stand, walk, stoop, crouch, grasp, reach, and move), and your prognosis.   

What you don't want is a letter from your doctor that states, "My patient is 100 percent disabled and cannot work." An Administrative Law Judge will give this type of statement very little weight. However, if the statement is detailed and well-thought out, it can greatly improve your chances of being awarded disability benefits.

LaVan & Neidenberg can help you build a strong medical case for your disability claim. We will provide you with specialized forms for your treating physicians to complete. Help me gather the right medical evidence.