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Veterans’ Disability

What is Veterans Disability Compensation?

Veteran’s disability benefits are paid to veterans who were injured or contracted a disease while serving on active duty. Military veterans with a service-related disability may qualify for over $3,300 a month in tax-free benefits. The amount of benefits disabled veterans receive is usually between $133 and $3,300 per month depending on their level of disability and their number of dependents.

How do you apply?

You can apply for compensation through the VONAPP website. For the fastest results, you should submit all of your documentation along with the claim. You can also apply by filling out a FA Form 21-526.

What is documentation?

Documentation includes medical evidence such as doctor bills and hospital reports that show you have a disability. You’ll also need to attach copies of your DD214 report and any records of your dependents. For example, children’s birth certificates or marriage licenses.

What should I do if the VA denies my claim?

Disability Help Group advocates frequently help veteran’s whose claims were denied. If your claim was denied, you have one year to the date to file a notice of disagreement.

While the VA does not have an official notice of disagreement form, most commonly a Statement in Support of Claim (VA Form 21-4138) is used to fill an appeal. Alternatively, you can also write a letter to the VA.

Some of the things you should include in your statement are a written notice of disagreement, the date of the denial letter and the ratings decisions and the intent to appeal.

However, you should not include specific examples of what you disagree with. The statement is a way to preserve your right to appeal the VA’s decision…It’s not the place to make your case.

File the Notice of Disagreement at the regional VA office that sent you the denial letter. Make sure it’s mailed certified with a return receipt requested. This way if anything happens you will have proof that you met the deadline.

After doing this, the Board of Veterans Appeals comes in to play. The VA will craft a summary of their reasoning a.k.a a statement of the case. After this, you must file your appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals within 60 days. Use VA Form 9 Appeal to Board of Veterans Appeals to do this.

Filing a veterans disability appeal is confusing and time consuming but your Disability Help Group advocate is here to help! Give us a call at 866-866-9979 to discuss your options.